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Power outage in San Francisco brings down many websites, but not any of ours!

Power outage in San Francisco brings down many websites, but not any of ours!



July 7

PG&E Power Outage in Downtown San Francisco

A power outage hit San Francisco and the Peninsula on July 24, and affected approximately 40,000 customers, according to PG&E. Daydream Services hosting customers were not affected by the power issues, due to properly working backup power systems. Systems indicators at our datacenter show that the utility power had multiple power spikes that day during the time frame of PG&Es incident. This was also confirmed by Verizon. Our system, which was built by MCI/WorldCom and has redundant generators and cooling stood up to the test and worked perfectly.

Our Liebert UPS backup battery systems also worked perfectly and all customers who were powered by these systems saw no down time. The power was transferred successfully to a backup generator for approximately one hour until the system automatically detected that PG&E power had been stably restored for over 30 minutes. The transfer back to utility power proceeded without incident.

Not everyone managed to get through the power outage without down time, however. CNET reports that popular web sites such as Craigslist, Netflix, Yelp and Technorati, among others, were offline for a couple of hours.

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