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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

The best way to quickly reach a large, highly targeted audience. We'll compile qualified lists, craft compelling messages and create eye-catching graphics, all to deliver optimal open & response rates for your campaign.


Keeping in touch with your customers, your prospects and your referral sources is a must. If you're not doing it, you can bet your competition is. Email marketing, while being very personal, is also the most effective and economical way to keep your company at the forefront. You can say Hi by name, send only content they're interested in and track your success – all with very little recurring cost.

Over half of all Internet users check or send emails everyday

If you're like most companies, you have a solid client list, a long prospect list and a short list of people to network with and whom refers new clients to you. Whether you are looking to contact 20 people or 20,000 people we will design a professional layout that matches your website, execute your campaign and track the results for you. No list? No problem! We'll research and compile critical data to target the exact demographics you are looking for. And, by using only highly qualified lists, we virtually eliminate the use of that dreaded four-letter word: spam.

Have you thought about sending a new product announcement to everyone you've ever made contact with? How about an address change? Happy New Years note? And what about all those people signing up for your newsletter? You do have a newsletter signup on your website, don't you? Whatever your audience, whatever your message and whatever your frequency we will work with you to develop, implement and launch an email marketing campaign.

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