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Website Development

Website Development

Websites don't have to be complicated to be effective. Our rock solid development combines all the features you want with the browser compatibility you need and the streamlined user interface you demand.


Having the biggest website doesn't necessarily mean having the best website. Our development team focuses on accessibility and standards-compliance; the solid foundation every great site is built on. By validating our code with the authorities (no, not those authorities!) we're able to build sites that are cross-browser and cross-platform compliant. Which is good news for you, and great news for your customers.

Rule the Roost with a Standards-Compliant Website!

But having a standards-compliant website isn't the only think we take into account when building a site. We have to examine your customers, your company goals, upcoming web trends, legacy web browsers & operating systems and specific regulations such as Section 508.

Who Are Your Customers?

Driving an Indy car in rush hour traffic doesn't make much sense. Neither does having a website that's not tuned for your customers. The style and type of development will be determined by your customers and their demographic. Are they corporate with fast internet connections, new computers and big screens? Or are they families at home with dial-up internet connections and older hardware? It makes a difference; but don't worry, we've got super hero powers.

Website Scalability & Maintenance

Your website is a living, breathing and evolving entity that continuously needs updating – but how sure are you that it can be updated? When we build websites, we build them for today, for next week and for next year. So you don't have to pay for it twice. Much of the time, drop-down menus are a great solution that will allow pages to be added (or removed!) without affecting the flow of the website or incurring cost to re-design pages to make room for new things. Having a site that's ready for the growth of your company will speed development and ease ongoing maintenance costs, which we know you appreciate.

Sure, But Does it Print?

It's all too often you find a decent site and go to print it – only to discover half your text is running off the side of the page. Fortunately for you, we get a kick out of making websites not only work well, but also print well!

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